Amino listed in Fashion for Good 2023 Global Innovation Program

2023-05-12 10:25


The list of selected teams and companies for the 2023 Fashion for Good Global Innovation Program has just been announced! 12 teams and companies, including Amino, have been awarded this honor.

FFG is a leading global organization in sustainable fashion, committed to promoting innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry. It has established partnerships with many well-known brands such as Adidas, C&A, Kering, PVH, and others, promoting the promotion and practice of sustainable fashion. It also collaborates with institutions such as the Dutch government and the United Nations to promote the development and promotion of sustainable fashion.

This year, these selected teams and companies will receive support and funding from FFG, including one-on-one discussions with partner brands (see photo below) to achieve their sustainable fashion innovation projects. These projects involve material innovation, environmentally-friendly production, circular economy, and other fields, providing important ideas and directions for the sustainable development of the fashion industry.

"We are very pleased to see so many outstanding teams and companies selected for the 2023 Global Innovation Program. These projects are highly innovative and practical, and are expected to bring real change to the fashion industry." said Katrin Ley, founder and executive director of FFG.

These selected teams and companies include brands, manufacturers, technology providers, and startups from Europe, North America, and Asia, whose projects and ideas are driving the sustainable development of the fashion industry. FFG believes that these selected individuals will become candidates for future fashion leaders and bring new thinking and practices to the sustainable development of the fashion industry.