Qingdao Amino Materials Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2020, focuses on the recycling of textile wastes. The company mainly focuses on the separation and recycling of polyester and polyester blended fabrics. The company has developed a patented "Relastane" polyester recycling system, which realizes the separation of polyester fibers from cotton, nylon, spandex and other blended fibers.

The separated polyester fraction and other blended fiber fractions can be circularly recycled. This technology realizes the closed-loop circulation of polyester blended textiles, and provides a practical and economical way of recycling textile wastes, and thus promoting the green, low-carbon and sustainable development of the textile industry.
The "Amino" polyester recycling system developed by Qingdao Amino can depolymerize polyester into monomers under mild reaction conditions. The monomers are purified and then repolymerized into polyester for textile fiber applications.
Our purpose
Qingdao Amino focuses on providing sustainable solutions to the environmental problems caused by waste textiles, and aim for the maximum utilization of the limited resources on our planet. We are willing to collaborate with apparel companies around the world to jointly promote the green, low-carbon and sustainable development of textile industry.
Email: wenjian.hu@qdamino.com